Prognose serves as a software solution that effectively bridges the gap between cutting-edge valuation analysis techniques and CAMA systems. It seamlessly integrates into existing CAMA systems, allowing non-technical users to update subject characteristics and instantly observe the resulting value impact within the platform.

Through side-by-side comparable sales analysis, adjustments are intricately tied to generated models, thus removing subjectivity from the comparison process. Additionally, Prognose offers flexible form templates that cater to user-defined requirements, whether on a mass scale or a case-by-case basis. Moreover, its scoring model for comparable selection surpasses simple Euclidean distance calculations by incorporating nuanced appraisal considerations, such as the number and magnitude of adjustments, gross adjustments, and distance measures.



What Our Clients Say About the Product.

"Prognose has proven itself an invaluable tool for perform ing comparable sales analysis, creating comp arable reports, and defending values. I would recommend Prognose to anyone using multiple regression analysis as an approach to value."

Jerry Wood

Oklahoma County Assessor's Office

"Since our purchase of Prognose in 2013 we have estimated savings to our taxpayers of slightly over $3 million. These savings have been driven by factors such as discontinuing expensive support payments for an aging Oracle database , a reduction in temporary empl oyees to assist during our annual appeal intake, a tenfold reduction on repeat appeals, and a drastic reduction in appeals moving beyond the local level."

Tyler Andrus

Salt Lake County Assessor's Office