Consulting Services

Mass Appraisal

Perform Mass Appraisal analysis for Vacant Land, Residential and Commercial Properties. Modeling techniques include additive regression analysis, multiplicative regression analysis, hybrid model analysis, non-linear model analysis and feedback.

Time Trending

Analyzing the real estate market for determining inflationary or deflationary trends over time. The primary methodologies used are the Sale/Appraisal Ratio Technique; Time as a Regression Variable; Paired Sales & Re-sales Analysis and simple SQFT Rate Analysis. Analysis is also done to determine if seasonality is an issue or if Splining is necessary.

Modeling Concepts

A mentoring program where jurisdictions work along side qualified modelers as they learn to build accurate valuation models. Communication between the jurisdiction and Thimgan & Associates is heavily based on the internet and e-mail communications.

Ratio Studies

Typical Ratio Studies include stratification by property types, physical characteristics and location influences. The Statistics typically provided are measures of central tendency or level (mean, median and weighted mean), measures of uniformity (coefficient of variation, coefficient of dispersion and the price related differential).

Valuation Issues

This encompasses various aspects of appraisal, such as: the development of economic areas, and neighborhoods; the analysis of a jurisdictions data to determine both its quality and quantity; a review of a jurisdictions current valuation procedures; the analysis of data to determine changes over time (time trend analysis).