Introduction to SPSS for Appraisers


This one-day virtual session is essential for anyone wanting basic training with SPSS’s Base software. It is designed for the complete novice and is recommended for students having limited or no exposure to SPSS.

About The Workshop

The workshop is tailored toward Mass Appraisal and Assessment. It begins by exploring SPSS, which includes an introduction to the main windows that are used during an SPSS session. Each window is defined and the appropriate applications are explained and demonstrated. Once the student has completed exploring the various windows, they are introduced to Data Analysis. Here the student is taught to compute, recode and transform variables. In addition, students learn to develop frequency tables, descriptives, crosstabs, and compare means. Also, students learn to select specified cases from the data file, summarize, and develop reports. Graphs and charts are a major component of SPSS and the students are shown how to use the various charts and graphs available in SPSS. The latter part of the day provides the students with lab exercises which allow them to apply the various applications demonstrated in the earlier sessions. All applications use actual property databases, providing the students with demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises.

Location and Format

This is a completely online course, and will not be guided by a live professor. This one-day online course allows the student to focus their attention on the material that’s presented during the two-week main course. This class will be hosted on Moodle, and the Moodle link will be provided to each student before the course’s start date.

About SPSS

SPSS for Windows is the top-selling statistical software package for PCs and the winner of PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. It is well suited to assessors wanting to perform their own market analyses in a friendly, point-and-click PC environment. (For more information about SPSS or its products, call 1-800-543-6607.)

Both lecture demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises will be given in SPSS.

More Information

For registration or more information on the course feel free to contact us.

Refund Policy: Full refunds will be granted 30 days prior to the class. No refunds will be given after the class start date.