Upload. Automate. Analyze.

Prognose is a software solution that bridges the gap between the latest techniques in valuation analysis and CAMA systems.

Why Prognose?

Seamless integration

into existing CAMA systems.


user can update their existing CAMA systems subject characteristic and see the immediate impact on its value within Prognose.

Side-by-side comparable sales analysis

and the adjustments are directly tied to the generated models, taking subjectivity out of the comparison process.

Form templates

allow for flexibility of user-defined forms that can be mass produced or executed on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Scoring model

for comparable selection goes well beyond the simple Euclidian distance calculations by incorporating appraisal thought processes, including number of adjustments, gross adjustments, and distance measures.

"This software has saved us so much time by automating the mundane processes that kept us from serving our local residents and community. "
Felix Doughry
County Assessor

"Revolutionized how we do business. "

Nassau County

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